Sports Memorabilia is a fairly general term, covering a huge range of materials: signed trading cards, jerseys, photographs, baseball bats (and the balls themselves), footballs, helmets, trophies, and more, are all classified as sports memorabilia. For hardcore fans of any team, owning a piece of memorabilia based around, or signed by, your favourite player is a huge thrill. And of course, collecting sports memorabilia can have financial benefits too.

BP Collectibles have been acquiring authentic memorabilia from sports figures and teams for decades, everything from signed jerseys and equipment to cards and photos from leagues/teams like the CFL, NFL, NHL, MBA, Nascar, F1 and the like. 

Most of the items in our collection have authentication certificates or letters of authenticity, but those items that don’t are purely intended for less serious collectors who simply have a passion for a special athlete or team. We encourage you to drop by our store to view first hand the quality and selection we have to offer and maybe take home a treasure or two. 



How can you trust the pieces on the market are truly signed by the people they claim to be, and what can you do to make sure you only buy genuine items? Well, it’s not as easy as you might imagine – but it’s not impossible, either. While there are, sadly, plenty of fakes out there on the market, you can still build a collection of true memorabilia by doing your homework. Remember, we also consider buying collections or pieces that you may currently own. Contact us for details on selling your collectibles. Some good advice to bear in mind: if a high-value item is being sold at a price almost too good to believe, there’s a good chance it’s a fake. After all, if someone is selling a football signed by Tom Brady at a price far lower than others you’ve seen, that should raise a red flag.


The important things when collecting sports memorabilia is to have fun and be selective when high prices are involved. If you want to pick up items that speak to your personal interest in a sport, team, or player, go for it! If you’re more focused on buying only those pieces with a high chance of selling for huge profit in the future, do your research first


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