Collecting diecast model cars is a great way for car enthusiasts to own the models they love. Whilst buying the full-size vehicle is often financially out of reach, owning a detailed replica represents the best way to acquire a piece of automotive history. Popular with people of all ages, advances in the manufacturing process means that the level of details in castings of all scales is off the charts. A resurgence of interest in this unique hobby has seen the market explode both in special limited editions castings and variations of a casting adding excitement to the collecting experience. Regardless of the level of collector you see yourself as, our large selection is sure to have something for everyone and every age. 

Diecast model cars scale

and sizes explained


Diecast model cars are available in various sizes – known as scales – which range from 1/18 to 1/64. The scale represents the ratio or proportion of the model in comparison to the original real-life car. The bigger the second number, the smaller the diecast car. Toy manufacturers do produce diecast model cars as small as 1/144 and as large as 1/4 scale, but the most popular scales are:


1/64: Measuring about 3 inches long, these are the smallest size commonly produced. This scale is more popular with brands like Matchbox, Hot Wheels and NASCAR. Model cars that are 1/64 can sometimes be described as being on the S scale.


1/43 and 1/32: The most common model car ratio in the world is the 1/43 scale, made popular by the Dinky Die Cast Toys, which were made in the 1930s and usually measuring between 4 inches and 6 inches.


1/24: About 8 inches long, replicas on the 1/24 scale can have the same amount of detail as a 1/18 car, but they tend to be more expensive to buy.


1/18: The biggest scale produced, their 11-inch size shows off the car in most detail, but makes storage difficult so very few are manufactured or collected. Collectors and hobbyists who want more authentic details like working hoods, doors and boot trunks should opt for models built on the 1/18 scale. These cars will have finer details such as operational lights, engine electrical wiring, rubber hoses and suspension as well as a realistic interior.


1/20 to 1/25: Replicas in this scale ratio are also known as the G scale.


1/48: Models of this scale are often referred to as being in the O scale.


1/87: A car this size is known as being HO scale.


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